Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 Tuition & Fees


Undergraduate Post-Traditional Tuition Per Credit Hour: 
Independent Study / Directed Study****$500.00
Adult Studies – Undergraduate$410.00
Nursing Accelerated Per Hour (ABSN)$890.00
Course & Lab FeesSee Catalog
Per Session: 
Flex Tuition – Full-Time (5 or more hours)$2,820.00
Flex Tuition – Part-Time (4 or less hours)$1,360.00
Graduate Tuition  Per Credit Hour: 
Education Masters Programs$430.00
MBA/MOL Graduate Program$565.00
Christian Ministry Graduate Program$405.00
MCRJ and MPSA – Command College Graduate Programs$505.00
MM MEd Graduate Program$430.00
MS Cybersecurity$630.00
Doctor of Physical Therapy$770.00
Doctor of Nurse Practice$855.00
PHD Business Leadership$760.00
PHD Ministry Leadership$685.00
PhD Preaching$685.00
Education Doctorate /Educational Specialist$605.00
Master of Medical Science in Pathologists’ Assistant$920.00
Audit (no credit) Graduate credit hour$250.00
Doctor of Ministry 
DMIN Tuition per credit hour DMIN$505.00
Project Course Fee$350.00
Miscellaneous Charges: 
Per Credit Hour: 
Applied Music (private lessons)      See Catalog
Per Semester/Term: 
ABSN Program Fee – Nursing Curriculum only Technology Fee 
Adult Studies – Full-time (12 or more hours)$240.00
Adult Studies – Half-time (6-11 hours)$120.00
Adult Studies – Less than Half-Time (1-5 hours) $60.00
Miscellaneous Expenses 
Apostille Document Service$100.00
Credit by Examination$325.00
Diploma Reprint Fee$50.00
Enrollment Confirmation – RN to BSN$100.00
Enrollment Confirmation – ABSN$600.00
Graduation Fee by application deadline (Undergraduate)$50.00
International Mailing Fee for diplomas$50.00
Returned Check Fee$35.00
Transcript Fee-Official$15.00
Transcript Fee-Unofficial$5.00
Miscellaneous Graduate Program Expenses 
Graduate Graduation Fee by application deadline$100.00
Application Fee (Graduate programs)$40.00
Enrollment Confirmation – PHDs in Leadership and EdD $200.00
Enrollment Confirmation – Nursing Graduate    $600.00
Technology Fee-Per Semester/Term 
Graduate Full-Time (6 or more hours)$240.00
Graduate Half-Time (less than 6  hours) $120.00
MAT/Med:AS – Learning and Innovation Fee – Per Semester$115.00
Education Doctorate /Educational Specialist – Learning and Innovation Fee – Per Semester$115.00
DPT Program Fee – Per Semester$500
DNP and MSN Graduate Nursing Fee-Per Semester $530
Master of Medical Science Fee – Per Semester$500
****    Applies to Graduate Independent Studies also