Trojan Text Program

Getting Your Textbooks Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Anderson University partners with eCampus to deliver textbooks and accompanying software automatically to undergraduate students. It’s called the Trojan Text Program.

Once enrolled in classes, materials are automatically and conveniently accessible to students. In other words, all you need to do is enroll in class–your text materials will be waiting for you.

What is the Trojan Text Program?

The Trojan Text Program is an Anderson University initiative to make course materials more affordable to its students. Through the program, the cost of textbooks and accompanying class software is included in a student’s tuition.

The Trojan Text Program reduces the cost of course materials and makes accessing them more convenient, thereby setting students up for academic success from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Trojan Text Program

Any textbook and/or required course software is included in the program. Supplies for graphic design; art classes; or non-text materials are not included.
All on-campus and online undergraduate students are included in the program. Consortium, graduate, and high school concurrent students are not included in the Trojan Text Program.
You’ll no longer need to order textbooks required for your courses. They’ll automatically be made available on the first day of class.

Depending on the course, you may be provided a digital textbook subscription or a physical textbook rental. 

Digital Textbook Subscriptions:
Digital textbooks subscriptions will be available in the Canvas course.

Physical Textbook Rentals:
For undergraduate, on-campus students, required textbooks will be ordered automatically and shipped to AU Outfitters once you enroll in a course.  

For non-traditional and ABSN students, required textbooks will be ordered automatically and shipped to your home address once you enroll in a course.

Important: Please verify that your mailing address is current in Workday. Books not received due to an incorrect address will be at the expense of the student. For instructions about how to update your mailing address in Workday, click here.  

You can track your textbook on your eCampus dashboard.

If you require textbook format or other accommodations, please contact the Center for Student Success Center at

No return is necessary for digital textbooks; the book’s digital subscription will expire automatically.  Physical books must be returned to eCampus seven (7) days after you drop, withdraw, or complete the course(s). Students will be charged for any unreturned books. Students will be charged for any unreturned books.

If you would like to keep your physical textbook rental, visit the eCampus dashboard and purchase the textbook at a discounted price.

Yes. If you opt out, you’ll receive a credit on your account of $10 per credit hour (up to 15 hours.) For example, if you are enrolled in one 3-hour course, you will receive a $30 credit; if enrolled for 11 hours, you will receive a $110 credit; if enrolled in 15 hours or more, you will receive a $150 credit. The credit maxes out at $150.

To opt out of the Trojan Textbook Program, please email

Yes. The deadline for on-campus undergraduate students to opt out is 14 days prior to the beginning of each semester. 

The deadline for non-traditional undergraduate and ABSN students enrolled in both 7A and 7B courses is 14 days before the 7A session begins. If you are enrolled in 7B courses only, the deadline is 14 days before the 7B session begins.

Opt out credits will be applied to all eligible student accounts after the add/drop period for 7B has passed.

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