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Funniest Interview Questions!

Funniest Interview Questions! ‘SurviveHR’ Podcast Show Notes Podcast Hosts:Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib Sponsors: Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd Standout Quotes: “In HR school, you’re taught that your interview questions need to be relevant to the job” – [Kelly] “If you ever have to interview for a job, you should do your research because obviously there are …

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Crazy Company Benefits!!!

Employee retention is difficult in the current market, and this week on Survive HR – Kelly and Steve talk about some of the craziest benefits! Some are crazy good, and some are just well, crazy!!! With employee benefits ranging from the typical healthcare, dental and vision to free access to the company’s fleet of yachts, many …

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The Great Resignation – Feat. Ben Fanning

Join Kelly and Steve this week as they discuss turnover with #1 Best Selling Author, of the “Quit Alternative”, Ben Fanning. Turnover is rapidly increasing, primarily because job-hopping is rewarded.  On average, employees receive an 18-20% pay increase by changing jobs and only 3%, on average, as an annual salary adjustment with current their employers. …

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Show Me The Money – The Counter Offer Conundrum

SHRM reported that in April 2021, 4 million employees (2.7% of workers in America) quit their jobs and that the US is seeing record turnover. 25% of employees plan to leave their job in 2021, according to SHRM. According to SHRM, 36% of those changing jobs are doing so for better compensation. The war for …

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Marijuana in the Workplace: To Test or Not To Test?

As states continue to legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, the question for companies becomes “do we or do we not test?” This is not an easy question to answer, and a lot of it has to do with your company’s industry, position types and government requirements. On this podcast, you will learn …

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The War On Talent: Creative Ways To Recruit & Retain

Podcast Hosts: Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib Join Kelly and Steve on this week’s podcast as they discuss the most creative ways to recruit and retain top talent. Emails: You can find us at:, and listen to us on all major podcast carriers. Sponsors: Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd To Listen to …

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