How to Terminate an Employee in the Day of COVID-19

Recently released federal government statistics indicate there have been 26 million employees enter the ranks of the unemployed over the past 6 weeks. Added to that, schools are closed and parents are now having to “home school” their children. We are in close proximity with, and spending much more time, with our family members. The stress, anxiety and lack of control is overwhelming for some. So why do we not take precautions to protect employees as we conduct mass layoffs, furloughs and flat out terminations?

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The COVID-19 crisis presents a particularly ripe environment for workplace violence. Unlike individual corporate reductions, today’s reductions offer little hope that those who are part of them will be able to find work until the economy reopens following the crisis.

In this week’s Survive HR podcast, our friends, Chad Ayers and Andy Sexton, from Proactive Response, share their insights and tips on how to protect yourself and others as you go through the very difficult task of reducing your workforce.

Kelly and I know that these times make the already difficult job of HR even more challenging. We appreciate our listeners and if we can do anything to assist you in anyway, please let us know.