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Writing Coaching

Individual writing consultations—which we prefer to call coaching—are the core service we offer. We believe that the best way for our clients to learn how to be better writers is to engage with their own writing practices and written products. Clients are therefore required to bring their own written materials to coaching sessions. These materials can include but are not limited to assignment prompts, drafts or outlines of a writing assignment, or notes from close readings of course material or field research. We also provide group appointments for clients who are working on group writing projects.

Writers’ Workshops

Workshops consist of a one-hour active learning intervention focused on a specific topic related to writing as either process or product. These workshops not only give writers information and strategies but also address stressors that writers face. Participants will therefore walk away with strategies they can implement or renewed thinking about their writing process.

Workshops are scheduled for classes or other department events by faculty or staff request. To request a workshop, faculty or staff can contact the director to discuss options for their class or event.

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Hub!

The Graduate Writing Hub supports writers in graduate and professional programs at Anderson University by offering one-on-one writing consultations and in-class workshops throughout the year. Through our services, we draw attention to writing as a social practice—an embodied, spacialized, and affective experience as well as an intellectual one—in which members from across the academic community participate. Our support services and activities aim to create a sense of belonging around writing, remove barriers to academic participation, and promote renewed attitudes toward writing as scholarly work rather than merely scholarly product.

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