Friends of Theatre and Dance Donations: Special Dance Project

Our fundraising effort will support our students in three direct ways:

  1. The funds will assist Dance majors in attending the regional American College Dance Association (ACDA) festival where they will compete, attend workshops, and network with other Dance students, as well as faculty and professionals in the Dance industry.
  2. Funds will also assist in the purchase of draperies to cover the mirrors in our Dance Studios. This purchase will complete our project of transforming our studios from a classroom into a performance space when necessary.

  3. Additional needs include purchasing lightweight tap boards to utilize in student and faculty performance pieces.

How it will benefit the Dance Program

  • The fundraising will help to increase the visibility of our Dance program as one of the top in the Southeast region and will aid our students in preparing for their professional careers.

How much have we set as a goal?

  • The Fall fundraising goal is $5000.