External Services

The information below will assist you in the External Service process. It is meant to provide a quick breakdown of what you will need to do for a guest to come to the University.
  1. Fill out the “Request Form for External Services” and submit for approval to your Dean/Supervisor and/or the Provost/VP of your office.
  2. Email the filled out External Service Request Form, a W-9 and/or any agreements/contracts that may have been made to externalservices@andersonuniversity.edu
  3. Once the information is received, it will be reviewed; and, if it meets all the requirements, approved
  4. An approval email will be sent to the requestor for the service provider, serving as confirmation to use the provider for services
IF Payment is Involved, continue to steps 5-7
  1. Set up requested guest in Workday as a Supplier (if they have not been used by the University before); this can be started anytime during the process, but must include a W-9 if there’s payment involved
  2. Once guest is approved as a Supplier in Workday, a purchase requisition in Workday may be started.
  3. When the purchase requisition is approved, a receipt will need to be created to add to the purchase order; any other necessary documents for payment (such as the approval email you received from External Services) will also need to be attached