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Anderson University helps Tribble develop love for creative process and to make lasting connections

Jonathan Tribble recently joined STORY, a creative marketing agency in Greenville, South Carolina, following many years of experience in various marketing and creative firms. His father attended Anderson University, as well as his grandmother, Annie Tribble, known to many as an outstanding women’s basketball coach for the Trojans and AU Athletics Hall of Fame inductee. Aside from all that, Jonathan found that Anderson was the right place for him to carve out his niche to do what he does best.

Tribble Jonathan
Jonathan Tribble
Graduated from Anderson University: 2005
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
Title: Director of Marketing Services at STORY, Greenville, South Carolina

Tell us about how you came to STORY.

I met Ben Pettit and Chelsea Valainis earlier this year and was drawn to the company culture and their vision for where STORY was headed. Before STORY, I developed my set of skills at Your Creative People, Page1 Branding, and Infinity Marketing.

How did you find Anderson University?

My family has always had strong connections with Anderson University. My grandmother, Annie Tribble, coached basketball back in the day there. I had heard that AU had a great design program. So, I took a campus tour and was sold. I then started out on the graphic design path at Anderson.

What got you interested in graphic design?

I was interested in design in high school, and after I graduated high school I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to go down for a career. After some late-night discussions with a good friend of mine, he advised me to just follow my interests and enroll in the classes I was most interested in, even if I didn’t know what kind of career that would lead to.

I took a few classes in art and design and I really fell in love. I loved Jo Carol’s drawing classes, design classes with Jane Dorn, and painting classes with Professor Kaniaris.

What are some ways your Anderson University education continues to help you in your profession?

One way is the connections I made there. I’ve worked with a ton of people from Anderson since I was there.

What are your favorite memories of college?

My favorite memories are just spending time in the art building—late nights there working on paintings or projects and hanging out with fellow design students. I also met my beautiful wife Ashley (Holliday) there.

Tell me about what you do at STORY.

I’m the Director of Marketing Services. I help lead the strategies for all of our marketing clients. When we have a new client come to us, it’s on my shoulders to develop the strategies and then oversee the day-to-day as we roll those strategies out. We’re constantly optimizing and trying to get the best results for our clients.

What do you enjoy doing the most about your work?

The problem solving and relationship building. You become friends with your clients and you want to see them succeed. I love being a true partner and helping a client solve a problem and then seeing those results.

Obviously, the workplace has changed in the last few years, and I understand you’ve got a mix of working remotely and in the office.

On Monday and Friday, I work at home and then go to the office in the middle of the week. It’s nice. At other agencies, for the whole week, I’d be completely at home or entirely at the office for the whole week—the hybrid schedule is my favorite so far.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in marketing?

Trust your instincts. The first time you work in an ad agency it may not be how you expect it to be. Trust your gut, and lean into your natural gifts. Pursue the opportunities you feel passionate about and don’t get bogged down in a position that you don’t feel like you belong in. Keep pushing. Don’t settle.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I love camping, getting out in nature, and hanging out with my family. I also enjoy watching movies with my wife and playing video games with my kids. When I get some time completely to myself, I love to write and record music.

Tribble Jonathan
Jonathan Tribble
Graduated from Anderson University: 2005
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
Title: Director of Marketing Services at STORY, Greenville, South Carolina