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Give Now to Support Your CAUSE

South Carolina School of the Arts

A Day gifts for The South Carolina School of the Arts will be used for Part Two of the Theatre Enhancement Project. Last year’s project successfully raised $48,000 for new seats in the Belk Theatre and a new high-end monitor and sound system for the Belk Theatre lobby. Part Two will enhance the technical support of our production program. We will purchase a 3D printer and large format printer to support the pedagogy of our new scenic design professor, Mr. Andy Rich. Completing Part Two of the Theatre Enhancement Project are two new Bernina sewing machines and two top-of-the-line intelligent lighting instruments. Costuming and lighting are a hallmark of our theatre program. With the arrival of Mr. Rich, we will realize excellence in all three of the primary design disciplines. The faculty anticipates offering a new BFA in Theatrical Design in the near future. We invite you to join us in supporting this A Day project.

Goal: $27,600