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Professional and Lifelong Learning

Professional and Lifelong Learning plays a vital role in the institutional culture of knowledge, where engaging and quality-driven learning takes place every day. From the robust academic programs for which Anderson University is widely recognized to certificates and professional development, the opportunity to learn and develop new skills makes the concepts of “learning for a lifetime” a reality.   

At Anderson University, we embrace the notion that all learning matters, and we hope to be the first place our community considers when they realize there is a gap in what they know and what they need or want to know. In this Professional and Lifelong Learning environment, participants find courses providing contact hours for maintaining certifications, developing essential skills, encouraging curiosity, sparking new interests, and inspiring personal reflection. 

Professional and Lifelong Learning capitalizes on industry and institutional leadership through a well-designed curriculum and highly skilled and informed facilitators. The learning is cost-effective, accessible to the internal and external community, and underwritten by sponsorships that value this high-quality learning environment. A Day gifts will help remove cost-related barriers to participation, support the development of a quality-driven curriculum, provide new sources of remote technologies and engage expert course facilitators.

Goal: $15,000