Fall 2010
Professor Wayne Cox

"Thou art divine, thou livest, -- as of old
Apollo springing naked to the light,
And all his island shivered into flowers."

Update: I've update the "support" page as promised for your final essay; please follow the "support" link above for additional help.

This website contains a variety of information not found on our syllabus. If you follow the "schedule" link above (or in the navi-bar below) for example, you'll find a detailed list with dates of the individual poems due for the poet we are currently studying. This schedule of poems will be updated constatntly, changing to meet out needs as the class progresses. The "Poets" link will take you to a list of links that I suggest might be helpful to you in your web research. The "Links" button will give you any additional general links to follow, and here you might also find and important secondary readings I might post for you. One of our primary goals in this class will be to discvover just what the "Modern" in modern poetry means. Take, for example, the Joseph Stella painting on the right. Painting, the sister art of poetry, can often help us visualize just what "modern" looks like. In what ways is this painting modern? How does it shed light on modern poetry?

"The world is a hell of a place, but the universe is a fine thing."