Pat's Welcome Message


Welcome to my web page and, more specifically, to Kazan in Tatarstan. Here in the heartland of Russia, nestled at the confluence of the Kazanka and Volga Rivers, is an ancient land about to celebrate its 1000th anniversary in 2005 and for an "old" history professor, what can be more enticing. Since my retirement from the college in 1999, I have had the opportunity and, yes, at times, the difficulty of living and working in Kazan, but in the worst of circumstances the pleasure and honor of this unique experience.


It is through this experience that I have learned greater reliance on the One who gives all strength; more faith that all will be handled in His time and manner; the ecstasy of powerful moments and answers delivered to say to me, "I am here, give me glory and honor for the miracles I still perform;" and the joy of being obedient to His call.


My time has been . . .


      filled with exciting firsts---riding horseback through the quiet of a Russian national park, taking a troika ride through a snowy countryside, being walloped in a Russian banya, walking on frozen Lake Kaban, learning to stay upright on streets, which are sheets of ice and making snow angels in a bank of snow into which I sink.


      filled with people---Dmitri, Lilya, Alla---among our employees at the organization, Global SourceNet; Gulnor, Teona, Gouzel and Andrei---among many other students; Elena, Tatiana, Galeena, Ludmilla, Alfea, Antonio and Gouzel---among the long list of teachers; Gulya, Galina, Ludmilla, Andrei and Ali---among numerous acquaintances as helpers, neighbors or wonderful friends.


      filled with cultural experiences---opera, ballet, the symphony, folk shows, the circus, art and historical museums, as well as strolling tours of the city.


      filled with sites---among them the Kremlin, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Raifa Monastery, Blue Lake, a dacha on the Volga, Syviarsk and Bolgar. Also frequent visits to Moscow and fantastic occasions in St. Petersburg.


      filled with travels---Turkey, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, China and Thailand.


And the most wonderful thing about it all is that so many of you have been there with me. Your notes have encouraged and kept me abreast of the news at home. You have read my updates and been interested in my activities and friends throughout.


Through this web page, I want to share more with you. In the updates you will meet my friends and colleagues, follow the work I am doing and those with whom I work, learn about the culture of this area, and even tour Kazan with me. Added to the narratives, you will find pictures of the sites and the people who make the news.