Dr. Miren Ivankovic - Assoc. Professor of Economics & Finance

I have spent my first 17 years of life in Yugoslavia, a European country under communist regime. We lived close to the Italian border and I could observe first hand the differences among these two countries. Only about 50 miles separated my town with a large city in Italy, but “light-years” in the standard of living. I remember I was very preoccupied thinking about the differences and the causes for it. It actually bothered me to be on the “wrong side,” but it also made me search for the whys, how, etc...

My goals for my classes are to:

· Learn the basics (core) and advanced concepts of two beautiful subjects—economics and finance.

· To appreciate the relationship between Christian values and the above fields.

· To teach our students how to apply their knowledge of economics and finance to the outside of academics environment.

· To be able to “figure out” the truth, reject the conventional wisdom and to apply their knowledge and faith in seeking the answers and solutions.

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Associate Professor - Economics and Finance