Dr. Joe Spencer† Professor of Marketing

Marketing is a critical part of business and every manager is involved in marketing. Marketing is not only sales, advertising and strategy. But every manager impacts and facilitates marketing. Whether it is product development, supply chain fulfillment, customer service, engineering products or any part of the business; because every thing done affects the customerís experience. It is critical to understand the customer and meet the customerís needs.

My goals for my classes are to:

 Instill in students a commitment to understand and meet customer needs.

 Enable students to effectively market: products, services, ideas, themselves, etc. In such a that they can accomplish their goals and be effective in the business world.

 Provide real-life marketing experiences to prepare students to be immediately effective in a business following graduation.

 Aid students to be able to integrate their Christian faith into their business thinking processes

Contact Information

Dr. Joe Spencer

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Phone: 864.353.9197

Professor of Marketing